Cloudy Things

This one is about clouds. Sort of.

I have Writer’s Cloud. That’s right. I just invented it. It’s not Writer’s Block. I can write. I just can’t write about what I’m supposed to write about because there are all these clouds in the way.

It’s not a new thing. They even make their way into my photographs. The first one was taken in Paris last spring. I remember, as I took it, thinking I should really capture the Eiffel Tower instead but the clouds around the tower weren’t as interesting, so I didn’t.

It was the same on the day I went to the square to see whatever these people were watching. I don’t remember. I just remember being distracted by the pattern in the clouds.

Just as it’s the same today. Even when the clouds are dark and uninviting. I love the contrast between the grey and the blue. Almost to the point where I didn’t see the building. Almost.

No lazy metaphors here. Nothing about silver linings. Nothing about clear skies with loose ties. This one really is just about clouds.



Trafalgar Square people – looking at something on a big stage.


Kings Cross


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