Things I forgot to do: Spend time in places outside of SE3


Blackheath pond at dusk.

While having a camera roll clear out, I discovered an alarming weekend trend. Before moving out of SE3 last month, I rarely spent time anywhere else. I had a regular triumvirate that I almost never strayed from and it’s all very well documented in my (now in desperate need of a memory boost) iphone. I even have a Zapd called ‘Iphoneography in SE3 and beyond‘ (with ‘beyond’ tending to be outside of London).

It’s all about to change though. I don’t want to look back and have ten versions of the same memory so, I’m making a list and filing it under ‘Things doing’.

The List

Spend time in Marylebone

Climb to the top of Primrose Hill

Visit Highgate Cemetery

Richmond Park in Spring

Kew Gardens in Summer

Alexandra Palace by day

Tower 42 for dinner

Until then, here are some of my favourite SE3 memories.

photo (9)

Oxleas Wood

photo (10)

Greenwich Park

photo (11)

Summer hikes in Oxleas Woods

photo (12)

Fair weekend on Blackheath Common

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4 thoughts on “Things I forgot to do: Spend time in places outside of SE3

  1. I love this to-do list! London has so much to offer and it’s so easy for boring old life to get in the way -I think you’ve inspired me to write a list too. Primrose Hill will definitely be on it. My website recommends weird and wonderful things to do in London -as a fellow London lover, you might like it 🙂 worth checking out maybe 🙂

  2. Alexandra Palace is on my list too – I can see it from my window, but have never been up close and personal! Hope summer comes soon so you can get around to all the outdoor spots…

  3. Thanks Catherine – that’s the worst bit actually, when something is right there but you never get around to it. She says with having made no progress on the above! By looks of the rain falling outside now, could be another weekend of winter…

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