Things I forgot to do: Get a Driving Licence

1 I am not the holder of a driving licence because I got distracted by walking around.

99% of things I have forgotten to do are as a result of getting distracted by something more amazing or interesting than the task at hand. Or creating something that will illustrate this fact. For example.

This is why I am not yet, despite having had almost twenty years to do so, the owner of a full driving licence. This is why I have never been to Richmond Park. This is probably why I am not as fit as I should be.

I am not completely useless though, I am a teacher (that took some time) and I am reasonably well travelled. If I could only stop forgetting to do really important things, life would be almost perfect.

This blog will serve two purposes.

1. Cataloguing the things I must do before I forget.

2. Once catalogued – I will do them. So it’s also a working document of success. I hope.

Let’s start small.

For the past week or so, I keep forgetting to take a bag of clothes to the charity shop.

If I’m successful, a picture of said bag in it’s new home will appear here tomorrow.

If I am not, then a picture of the bag in its current home of ‘by the door’ will be posted instead.

No bets please.


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